The time is now for Italy. Will you join?

Why? The Big Picture.

The Italy Collective (IC) has begun for two reasons.

First, there is a growing interest in partnering in what God is doing in Italy. It is not always simple, however, to understand exactly where to begin, who to partner with, and how. IC connects eager churches and individuals out of Italy with those of us already on the ground that are already at work, planting and growing gospel-centered churches.

Second, those of us already here know that we cannot do it alone. The need is too steep, and in order to truly see a movement of the gospel we need the help of the global Church. IC exists to bring these two realities together and form strategic partnerships to advance gospel-centered church planting and growing throughout the country.

What others are saying


The Italy Collective is developing as a platform where partners connect. This is primarily an initiative in close partnership with Impatto (Acts 29 in Italy). It is a  place where meaningful, visionary investment can occur in the context of healthy accountability and on the basis of a shared theologically-defined and driven vision. We desire to see healthy, gospel-centred churches planted, and grow healthy, gospel-centred churches for the transformation of Italy."


IC primarily brings together a growing, dedicated, experienced team of Impatto (Acts 29 in Italy) church-planters in Italy who can lead the way in identifying meaningful partnerships and a growing group of global partners keen to be a part of gospel-centered work in Italy. Some of you may have struggled to know how best to be involved in Italy. Rather than ineffectively parachute in and attempt to do the best you can, IC is a unique, effective opportunity for you to partner with ongoing gospel-centered vision for Italy. 

How? Areas and Levels of Partnerships.

In a context of accountability and wise use of partnership initiatives, it is possible for global partners to invest in Italy: 

  1. NATIONWIDE - partner with large projects and work towards a national impact; this can be as ambitious as developing a vision of helping see the development of a gospel-centered movement of churches or take part in the development of a key, local church-based theological training curriculum. 
  2. LOCAL - partner with church plants and church planting churches with a significant local impact; establish a meaningful relationship, be informed, creatively identify ways in which you can strategically be a part of the planting and growing of the church in Italy. 
  3. INDIVIDUAL - partner with individual parters and movement leaders; build up strong relationships by doing all you can to encourage, support, shape key individuals. 

The Next Step

A growing list exists of ongoing opportunities for meaningful partnership. Church-planters and church-planting churches throughout Italy continue to progress in their endeavors to spread the gospel of grace. Let's work together with a 'kingdom mentality' to facilitate synergy and maximize resources and strategic developments. 

Right now, IC is taking shape. If you would like to stay informed as things develop, as well as play a significant part in its development, please use the form below to receive updates. GRAZIE!